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Quality Management Policy

To always delivering highest quality of services and products, we need a good management system. These are our quality management policy:

  1. All products and services will be delivered on time to the clients.
  2. Always meets the national and international standard requirement.
  3. Improvement and innovation, which are necessary for sustained success and can be applied at all levels of the company, through changes in technology, services, activities and processes.
  4. Regular audit and compliance activities, undertaken by both internal and external stakeholders, to monitor and review the company’s performance as its compliance with relevant standard and legislation.

To ensure the effectiveness of our quality management, a regular check-up will be done on daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis.

Health, Safety, Security and Environment Policy (HSSE)

We really emphasize about health and safety issue at the work place and at the same time concern about environmental protection. We always take the best measurement and precautions to ensure that our workers healthy, safe and working happily in clean environment. On top of that, we also regulate rules to prevent any accident from occurring. However, to fulfill security’s objective, all officers and employees need to carry out their respective duty based on these following policies:

1) Safety and Environmental Protection

Showing full support by adhering to the rules and regulations to ensure  the environments are well-protected. We will always making sure that our  environment is safe and well-protected at every stage of project – research and development (R&D), design, acquiring and completing each relevant project or taking their best precautions.

2) No Accident and Injury

Zero accidental and injury cases at the work place. All workers are required to always following the procedure set by company or taking the right precautions to prevent it from happening.

3)Environmental Protection

Everyone need to give full effort in minimizing the residual wastes, reducing the consumption of energy used and always keeping places clean and clear.

4)Compliant Rules and Laws

Everyone need to comply with the rules and laws about health, safety and environment

5)Education and Training

Education and training regarding environment, health and safety are compulsory to all officers and employees.

6)Continuous Improvement

To always strive to improve by having continuous learning and training about environment, health and safety.


BICARA SEPAKAT SDN BHD will always ensure so that all officers and employees comply the policies above.

Our Address BICARA SEPAKAT SDN BHD was incorporated on 10th February 2008 as a Private Limited company
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